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Nutrition & Hydration

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This Nutrition & Hydration Course learning outcomes include; Meal planning for vulnerable persons and their dietary requirements. Learn healthy eating with the 5 major food groups, the importance of allergies and food labelling using the Eatwell Plate and Food Triangle.
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Nutrition & Hydration Course Menu
Showing 10 of the 11 included eLearning lessons in this course. The whole course takes on average 25 minutes

A prelude and opening statements of the core subject material.

Understand the process of digestion.

Understand the key elements of nutrition using "The EatWell Plate". We dive into salt intake, water consumption, healthy snack options and an explanation of food labelling using the "Traffic Light Labelling Scheme".

Learn about the 5 major food groups.

Understand the guided daily allowance of salt and the impact it can have when you eat too much.

Understand water consumption and what is considered a healthy amount to drink.

Understand what is considered healthy eating and how to plan a diet.

Understand how foods are labelled and what the labels mean.

Understand what allergies are and how they are caused.

Learn how to properly plan balanced meals in advance.

All trainees receive a globally recognized & subject informative Certificate of Completion as proof of successfully completing the training. Certificates are permanently stored in your account, always accessible online, and downloadable in PDF format too.

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About this course
Level 1
Nutrition & Hydration Course

This online course includes all of the 11 lessons above. It is designed to develop the trainees Nutrition & Hydration skills for health and safety compliance in the workplace, providing valuable real-world learning outcomes at a high speed. It's used by individuals, groups and businesses to train their workforce across industries including Charities & NGO, Education & Schools, Care Homes & Domiciliary Care, Hospital Recruitment, Retail, among others.

Provided by Dorset Chamber Training based in Poole & Dorset, it's accessible at anytime online from an internet connected device at work or home, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Teams have access to a highly rated LMS and all successfully completing trainees achieve a Certificate of Completion.

Dorset Chamber Training

Nutrition & Hydration eLearning

This online course was designed for the health and social care market, to provide Care & Support Workers with an understanding of Nutritional, Dietary and Hydration Needs, however other roles and individuals will also find the contents useful and informative as a method of raising general awareness of health and wellbeing in the workplace.

This resource discusses the key elements to be considered including a detailed understanding of the digestive system, ways to effectively encourage healthy eating, the 5 major food groups. The course also discusses salt intake, water consumption and healthy eating choices which can be made by learning about food labelling, and the differences between the types of information displayed upon them. Finally food allergies and meal planning are also addressed.

Course Tags: healthy eating, nutrition, hydration, needs, vulnerable person, allergies, dietary needs, food groups, care, support, social care, food labelling, the eatwell plate, food triangle, health and safety, level 1,

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